Psychotherapy for all ages using different methods according to need: body-mind therapy, role-play, journal writing.
praticienne en thérapie psycho-corporelle, mise en jeu, journal créatif Bienvenue au cabinet exercice de journal créatif exercice de journal créatif travail sur la réceptivité Bienvenue au cabinet stage créativité atelier de journal créatif


Qualified psychotherapist using the Vittoz method of body-mind therapy. Trained in drama therapy at the French School of Psychodrama, accredited to use the journal créatif® method. Clients are helped and guided using psychotherapy.

Work can be on a one-to-one basis,

Or in small-group therapy

Or via residential training: creativity and Vittoz training followed by putting it into practice, genealogy training followed by putting it into practice.

Workshops on keeping a creative journal are also available

The Vittoz Method is a fully conscious methodology designed to be used in everyday living which involves both mind and body, develops openness, body-consciousness and emotions.

Drama Therapy involves not just retelling personal events but acting them out physically, a collaboration between the client and the psychodramatist. In this way all situations can be explored, whether past, present or future, real or imagined, pleasant or upsetting. This stimulates deep psychic processes and brings emotions, memories and feelings to the surface. Once the client accepts playing out excerpts from their life, they experience something new, move away from stereotypical reactions and instead begin to think creatively. In group stuations this is enhanced by the creativity of others in the group.  In essence the client is enabled to becomes the decisive actor in their own life.

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