“Sometimes it’s important to be high up”
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The Gâtine seen from above “Sometimes it is important to be high up” is my slogan.  A first experience in a micro-light is definitely a magical moment.  The sensation of slicing through the air is quite amazing.  There is no cabin and that is the best bit, because nothing separates you from your surroundings.  The Gâtine seen from on high is full of surprises.  You can spot a castle which is invisible from the road, or quarries, rivers and lakes.  The experience is a mixture of adrenalin and calm, which you won’t forget anytime soon. What is available? I can take you on flights which are exciting or leisurely, depending on the weather.  I have different machines, like a motorised hang-glider, a drone, and a gyrocopter.  I take aerial photographs and this is often for farmers or grape growers who need wide views of their crops and I can also take thermal images to reveal animals in low light. List of Possibilities 20 minute flight “discovery” 20 minute flight “sensation” 30 minute flight “leisurely” Specific requests are taken into account.  Flights can start from Chenay, Gougé and perhaps elsewhere depending on where you live. You can book and specify the details several months in advance.

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Montravelle, 79420 Vausseroux


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