Listen carefully, the history garden has stories to tell.
Le nombril En visite guidée  Ombilicologue dans la Forêt sans tête  Le Rond de Sorcières en attente de son public  Le Spoutnik du Jardin des Histoires


The History Garden It is said that all stories and the most beautiful lies were born at Pougné Hérisson.  The self declared ‘navel of the world’, this village today has become the source of stories, tales and imaginary fabrications, which appeal to the imagination.  The Navel of the World is an unexpected place,  a fun stopover, which invites you to follow the tracks of two little-known scientists, John Barney Fergusson and Robert Jarry.   You mustn’t miss finding out about the pesky machines and you must have an interesting visit to the laboratory of the umbilicus, and Jarry’s Barn.  You will be accompanied by a guide, who has been fed on organic stories.  This parambulation finishes in a garden full of history and stories from around the world where your wanderings will be accompanied by weird sights and sounds. This poetic garden is open free to everyone whether young or old, under condition that for the time you are there, you rediscover your childlike imagination.  You have to see it to believe it and you have to listen in order to re-tell it. From April to September the Navel of the World also has a programme of events, both musical and storytelling, workshops and themed days, as well as the guided and free visits. The guided visit to the legend of the Navel What is the answer to the why of the how? It is at Pougne Hérisson that all stories are born and one day, two men tried to make them appear.  Follow these two little known scientists and enjoy the legend of The Navel of the World by finding out why they were so desperate to make the stones talk. Without missing out on the pesky machines and a visit to the umbilical laboratory and Jarry’s Barn, all accompanied by your guide.

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Le Nombril du Monde - 7 rue des Merveilles, 79130 Pougne-Hérisson


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Guided tour Plein tarif : 8 € / Tarif réduit : 6 € / Gratuit pour les moins de 7 ans

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De 14h03 à 19h03 les jours d'ouverture (renseignés sur le site du nombril)

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