To the ‘clip clop’ of the horse’s hooves
La Schaafranière Découvert du travail du chien de recherche de personne disparue Découverte de l\'attelage sportif


A family outing Patricia and Jean-Francois will welcome you to their farm (you need to book in advance) to explore the surrounding area by travelling leisurely in a horse-drawn buggy. Queenie, our Percheron, with her 900 kilos of solid strength, pulls our well engineered buggy and up to 5 passengers.  At the word “go”, she is off for a pleasant jaunt of around 2 hours across the Gâtine’s wonderful countryside.  Very soon, children’s enthusiasm will be bubbling and the questions and answers from young and old will tune in with the rhythm of the hooves.   Your safety is assured by the experienced driver and his groom.  Approximate length between 1.5-2 hours.  Booked before hand, you can enjoy a high tea on your return (pastries, drinks and farm produce). Try out the Racing Buggy Thrill to the trot or the gallop as you wind your way through the tracks of the Gâtine.  Queenie, our Percheron, will be hitched to our racing buggy, which can only take 2 passengers, and one of them must be an adult.  The thrill of being behind a horse at this speed involves balancing around corners, and the pull when she accelerates gives you a real adventure.  The driver, for security reasons, is the only person allowed to choose who goes on these trips.  One of the passengers will be given a little bit of training in order to act as the groom.  Approximate time between 1.5-2 hours. Booked before hand, you can enjoy a high tea on your return (pastries, drinks and farm produce). Experience a working dog searching for someone who is lost A really original treasure hunt which you can enjoy with your family. Patricia and Jean-Francois work with a dog-handling group linked to the local and national Police forces who train their tracker dogs to find lost people.  What we suggest is an afternoon for you to discover how this works under real conditions.  To begin with there are a few explanations about the dogs’ sense of smell, and how to manage them.  We then teach you how to lay a trail and afterwards it is your turn to direct the dogs.

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

LA CHATAIGNERAIE, 79450 Saint-Aubin-le-Cloud

Tel : 06 68 29 20 76


Items Price
Price for experiencing the family buggy 75 € the walk (whatever the number of people)
Price for experiencing the racing buggy 75 € the walk (2 people max)
Price for sampling our farm produce 5€/people

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Accepte la Gatinelle

Opening hours

La découverte de l'attelage familial ou sportif se fait uniquement sur réservation tout au long de l'année.

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