Raku Pottery Produced and Sold on Site Sculptures and functional pièces


I am called Brigitte Imbert-Labaudinière and my workshop is to be found in Saint Anne in the commune of Pompaire (Deux Sèvres)

The potter Dominique Morin taught me the first steps in pottery, ceramics and in particular in raku: the technique of cooking enamel which makes every piece unique and unusual. With raku you are always being surprised by the results and that is what I love about it.

Most of the time I work with black from the smoke and white from the enamel which lends my sculpture seriousness and simplicity. My relationship with earthenware is of long standing as I am from a rural family but I discover how best to work with with this material several yars ago. I learnt how to meld it first with fire and then with water.

I make functional pieces but my greatest love is making sculptures of women. I derive great pleasure from moulding their bodies, making them appear in the clay and producing svelte curves or luscious figures. Detail is unimportant, what I try to capture is movement and impressions.

Recently, after having shared exhibitions with painters, I have started to make ceramic pictures, working in two dimensions instead of three.

Very recently I have also started working with black clay which involves a simpler firing technique than raku

Bilabo was born from  the realisation that this is what I love most.

My prices range from 80 to 145€ for a sculpture

And 15 to 80€ for functional pieces

Where to find us and what to do near by ?

lieu-dit sainte Anne, 79200 Pompaire

Tel : 06 43 85 22 80

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du lundi au vendredi sur rendez-vous au 06 43 85 22 80

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