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Enjoy the tastes of our farm produce Ostrich meat is known for its delicacy and its health benefits. A low-fat red meat loved by food connoisseurs. All our products are made by the lady-owner from 100% ostrich meat bred on the farm. Her motto is 'Quality Counts'! In the shop you will find a range of patés and salted meats. From eggs to jewellery One of the side benefits of the ostrich are its eggshells. Whether it has hatched a fledgling ostrich or been used for scrambled eggs, the shell left behind still has its uses!. It was Muriel, the owner's friend, who had the idea of turning sections of eggshell into jewellery. In her workshop you can see Muriel at work and find out about the techniques she uses to turn a natural material, which would otherwise be wasted, into unusual and attractive pieces. How's that for recycling!

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34 route de la Forge à Fer, 79200 La Peyratte

Tel : 06 72 22 29 43

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12 ans et + 5 €
3 ans à 11 ans 3 €
-3 ans free
Groupe 15 personnes 3€ / person

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Visite guidée de mars à septembre, tous les jours sauf le lundi. 10h à 12h /groupe 15 pers (sur réservation à 7 jours) 14h à 16h & 16h à 18h / tout public

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